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Real Estate Stock Exchange ( R E S E )

Redefining Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Stock Exchange is Online Platform Registered & Incorporated at Ministry of Corporate Affairs As Federation of International Real Estate Stock Exchange Limited on 10th March 2016 , Real Estate Stock Exchange of India Limited & World Property Stock Exchange Limited on 16th March 2016


RESE’s Purpose is to provide equal opportunity to people from all walks of life to be able to invest as per their financial capabilities or interest in any value of property and to benefit from it.

RESE’s provides a unique and a proprietary concept of Group Investment which gives Individuals benefits that

  1. Properties offered are with full research and due diligence by the industry experts

  2. Opportunity to exit any time after the locking period of 70 days

  3. It Brings Security & Liquidity into Real Estate

  4. It gives Investor to diversify their Investments into different properties and create an Investment Portfolio instead of Investing in one property with large investment without an opportunity to exit easily

  5. The get professional research about the property without any bias along with regular updates of the market report daily

  6. An Expert and Professional Property Management Team that manages their property and helps them gain Max Gains (Appreciation) and profits ( Lease Revenue ) which are distributed as yearly dividends ( After deducting the Property Management Fees )


Along with the purpose to provide equal opportunity to individuals the Group Investing Service gives RESE the opportunity to serve Our Great Country Our Mother “ INDIA “ and indirectly to all the citizens of India By


  1. Bringing Life Back Into The Indian Real Estate Market

  2. Creating Liquidity In Real Estate

  3. Creates Transparency, Security & Trust as all the properties are verified and vetted with the help Industry and legal Experts

  4. Creates Global Trust into Indian Real Estate Investment Market

  5. Eliminates The Element of Undeclared Money out of Real Estate Transactions

  6.  Generates Multi-fold Increase in different Taxes Collection ( Property, Income, GST etc.) 

RESE’s Services


  • Group Investment Service *

    • Buy

    • Sell


  • Broker Services

    • Buy

    • Sell

    • Rental


  • Real Estate Legal Services


  • Renovation & Up-gradations


  • Development & Construction


  • Property Management Services




* Group Investment Service


We provide our members the services to connect with other members to


  • Create A Investor Group ( A Legal Entity )


  • Acquire The Property ( Due Diligence, Buying & Registering )


  • Manage The Property To Gain Benefits ( Leasing / Renting )


  • Distributing The Benefits To Group Members As Per Their Investments 


  • Provide A Online Platform To Sell Their Part / Full Portion of Their Investment or Buy More


Minimum Financial Commitment Of INR 10,000 Is Required To Become A Member of The Group


Financial Commitment Can Only Be Multiple of INR 10,000


One Investment Group Consists A Single Property, For Each Property A Separate Investment Group Is Created  

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