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How to get started with few easy steps:

Step 1. Our Market researchers are compelled to collate large quantum of information within the constraints of time and money We understand that any market analysis is used to provide potential developers and investor’s assurance on their investment in a micro market within a given time frame. Hence our analysis is developed to cover all the variables that impact

decisions of this nature. Team of Experts in the field of Real Estate Explores and researches secure and profitable Real Estate opportunities in the market to be offered as an Initial Offer.

Step 2. After initial offer is made investors have to apply for the number of shares they are interested along with their bid. To increase the chances of allotment, especially in an offer that might be oversubscribed, you need to bid at the cut-off price. But since this is unknown at the time of bidding, the application would go through at the cap price.

Step 3. After the Deadline of application an Escrow account is created and applicants are asked to deposit the funds as per the number of shares they have applied for.

Once 100% funds ( Value of the property ) are received the property owner is paid and the property is registered on the name of the LLP that has been created to be Listed and The Shares with the combination of Tradable Warrants are issued accordingly


Step 4. After the locking period of 70 days the shares can traded on our RESE Trading Platform The main purpose of lock-up period is to prevent flooding of the market with too many shares, which will lower the stock's price. The lock-up period is also important because large stock sales by people close to the company may give the impression of a lack of

confidence in its prospects.