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Real Estate Stock Exchange ( R E S E )

Redefining Real Estate Investments


R E S E is a Platform For Investors, Individual Sellers, Agents, Brokers, Builders, Developers Globally  


Real Estate Stock Exchange (RESE) Works Very Similar To a Traditional Stock Exchange.

Traditional Stock Exchange A Company Is Listed & It’s Shares are Traded.

In RESE Individual Property Is Listed / Offered As IPSO ( Initial Property Share Offer )

Property Shares ( PS ) Are Traded In A 24/7 Decentralized Live Market .


Key Factors

  •     Exit Option

  •     Low Risk, High Returns

  •     Invest In High Value Properties

  •     Due Diligence By Industry Experts

  •     Professional Property Management

  •     Minimum Investment of 100 Shares

  •     Expert Impartial Advice on Investments


How RESE Works

  • Individual Property is Listed as an New Offer By a Individual / Agent / Broker / Developer

  • Team of Experts do Their Research & Due Diligence.

  • Investors Apply for the Offer With the Number of Shares Interested With Their Bid ( Minimum Share Value + Bid ) No Money is asked to be deposited except the Application Fee.

  • After the Offer Deadline Applicants are asked to deposit Funds in a Escrow Account For Numbers Of Shares Applied.

  • Property Owner is Paid in Full and Registers the Property under the Entity of Group of Investors Investing.

  • The Shares ( With Non Voting Rights) are Distributed to Investors of the Entity Acquiring the Property ( There is No Concept of Partial Ownership, Timeshare or any such Concept That Might Have Existed Before ) Ownership of the Property will always remain under the Entity with 100% Controlling and Managing Rights with RESE ( The Investors are Sold Shares Solely For the purpose to Invest & Trade To Maximize Their Returns From Appreciation, Demand, & Dividends ( From Leasing The Property If Leased ) and Minimize their Risk with an opportunity to Exit after The Locking Period.

  • After The Locking Period The Property is Listed in Exchange for It's Shares To be Traded ( Buying And Selling of Shares )   

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