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Windows 7 Rog Rampage 64-bit E3 14

Windows 7 ROG Rampage 64-bit E3 14: A Customized OS for Gamers

Windows 7 ROG Rampage 64-bit E3 14 is a modified version of Windows 7 that is designed for gamers and enthusiasts. It is based on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and includes many visual and performance tweaks, as well as drivers and applications that are optimized for gaming. In this article, we will explore some of the features and benefits of Windows 7 ROG Rampage 64-bit E3 14, as well as how to install it on your PC.

windows 7 rog rampage 64-bit e3 14

Download File:

Features and Benefits

Windows 7 ROG Rampage 64-bit E3 14 has many features and benefits that make it a great choice for gamers and enthusiasts. Some of them are:

  • Special ROG theme: The OS has a custom Republic of Gamers theme that gives it a sleek and stylish look. The theme includes system icons, sounds, wallpapers, media center, media player, and system fonts.

  • UEFI boot support: The OS supports UEFI booting, which can secure the boot process by preventing the loading of unauthorized drivers or OS loaders. UEFI booting also allows you to completely disable CSM (compatibility support module), which can speed up Windows boot time.

  • Removed bloatware: The OS has removed many unnecessary components and features that can slow down your system or consume resources. Some of the removed items are: the imposed default 100 Mb partition upon installation, Internet Explorer 9 on taskbar and start menu, Windows switcher, DEP (data execution prevention), UAC (user account control), automatic system restore point (on every boot), paging file (set to 2048 Mb), etc.

  • New right-click options: The OS has added some new options when you right-click on files and desktop. Some of them are: save and restore icons layout (holding Shift button plus right-click), process hacker (a better task manager), unlocker (a tool to delete locked files), etc.

  • Installed programs: The OS has installed some useful programs that can enhance your gaming experience or system performance. Some of them are: 7zip (a file compression tool), Notepad2 (a text editor), Silverlight (a web framework), Flash (a web plugin), CPU-Z (a system information tool), Microsoft games for Windows live drivers, DirectX 10 and 11, WinRAR (a file compression tool), SPTD (a SCSI pass-through driver), Daemon Tools Lite (a virtual drive tool), Windows FX (a window animation tool), .Net Framework 4.5, Visual C++ Libraries, EasyBCD (a boot configuration tool), F.Lux (a screen color adjustment tool), KliteCodecs (a codec pack), Adobe Reader (a PDF reader), etc.

  • Injected drivers: The OS has injected some drivers that can improve your hardware compatibility or performance. Some of them are: Nvidia and ATI AMD graphics drivers, ATK0110, JMB36X Controller, Logitech USB Input Device, Western Digital HD-WDC SCSI, AMD AHCI driver, Asmedia-106x-SATA-Host-Controller-Drive, Intel-chipset, Marvell_9xxx and Marvell_88sx7042 SATA controllers, Asmedia_usb3, Etron_usb3, Intel_usb3, RENESAS-Host-Driver-30230 USB controllers, SteelSeries_USB_Soundcard (C-MEDIA USB Audio Device), RealtekPCIe Ethernet Controller, etc.

Installation Guide

To install Windows 7 ROG Rampage 64-bit E3 14 on your PC, you need to have a UEFI enabled platform (such as the Rampage IV motherboards) and a x64 operating system that supports it (such as Windows 8 or 7). You also need to install it to a GPT partitioned disk or RAID array that includes an EFI System Partition or ESP for short. Here are the steps to install Windows 7 ROG Rampage 64-bit E3 14:



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