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How It Works

Why create an Investment Portfolio with RESE?


Liquidity: Liquidate your holdings with multiple exit options


Diversification: Invest in opportunities across locations and asset types


Data-driven decisions: Data driven investment approach with insights on properties, locations, pricing and building specifications.


Attractive returns: Rental yields of 8-10% and targeted IRR of 16-18% over 5 years


Risk management: With 360-degree due diligence and exhaustive selection criteria we mitigate all asset-related risk.


Transparency: Transparent investment process, access to detailed reporting and fair pricing, declared upfront


Secure: 256-bit SHA encryption standards to ensure investor data is safe


Investing with RESE is easy


Investing with us is easy, transparent, and seamless, irrespective of your location.




Buy vetted, Grade A commercial assets.




Earn passive income from monthly rental yields.




Track your portfolio performance and get regular updates.




Make a profitable exit with our liquidity options.

Asset sale


Make significant capital gains on the entire asset sale.


Resale platform


List your fractions on our platform for sale.


Private sale


Sell your fractions in private to interested parties.


Dedicated window


Transact holdings for a limited period at a discount.


RESE unlocks value behind the scenes, here is how.


Property Screening


Stringent property screening with location advantage, superior specifications, and tier-1 tenants


Due Diligence


Our legal counsel conducts scrupulous checks to ensure every asset is risk free.


In-depth Financial Analysis


Data- driven investment decisions help derive insights on future growth prospects of assets.




Listed properties have a perfect balance between yield, stability, and capital appreciation.

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