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RESE's leasing service aims at providing you with the best rental returns on your property investments. Our leasing service is based on strategic insights and market analysis, and is comprised of.


Lease Management gives you following services:

  • New Tenant Search.

  • Background check and police verification.

  • Preparing Lease agreement and Documentation.

Rental Management gives you following services:

  • Collection of security deposit and rent.

  • Online agreement registration.

  • Connect with prospective Tenants.

  • Facilitates move-in/out

Property Marketing

  • Creating an attractive portfolio for your properties which includes highlighting furnishings, facilities, location, important landmarks and other factors

  • Providing a rental improvement report by advising for optimizing the rental yields.

  • ‘Key Holding Services’ and property viewings conducted by RESE's  trusted property management partners

Tenant Screening and Verification

  • Experienced RESE partner network searches for prospective tenants for your property, who are shortlisted based on attributes specified by you

  • RESE's on-ground representatives personally meet those shortlisted and select 3-4 prospective tenants from an property property owner’s perspective, profiles further shared with you

  • Final selection of the tenant done by you, i.e. the property property property owner

  • RESE's conducts checks on credit history, employment, identity, past tenancies, police verification etc. for the finalized tenant

Legally vetted lease agreements

  • Legally vetted and robust rental agreement prepared by our experienced panel of lawyer ensuring legal compliance in favor of the property owner.

RESE's team engagement continues throughout the lease period as your property manager.

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