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RESE's Team takes the following steps before renting advising you on the rents of your property. Creating a professional property portfolio of the inside, outside and surroundings of the property.

Mark location on the map along with basic facilities and amenities in surrounding such as metro station, surrounding schools, shopping complex etc.

Digital Marketing, Social Media etc.

Should a landlord require any special marketing efforts which RESE is not covering we will help you conduct that at actual cost + service charges. RESE has one of the largest network of reliable trust worth across India who can help your property leased with minimum efforts at the shortest possible time.

RESE if desired by the landlord can provide you with your property visit services to the prospective tenant whenever required along with our trusted supervisor/business partner. To the keys our property manager along with the authority letter for the same.


We offer our best services to our valuable clients.


Site visit to assess repair, utilities & society rules.

  • Posting and publishing in multiple channel.

  • Connect with prospective Tenant and Show flat.

  • Police verification.

  • Online agreement registration.

  • Collection of security deposit and 1st rent.

  • Complete society formality.

  • Facilitate move-in/out.

  • Ensure rent collection.

  • Periodic visit to property.

  • Repair and Fitments.

  • Maintenance.

  • Payment to statutory authorities.

  • Resolve dispute, if any.

  • Exit formality.

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