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RESE Legal Services ( RESELS ) is Part of Invincible Global Commerce Inc ( USA ) & Invincible Global Commerce In Partnership With Our Organization Federation of Professionals World Wide  


RESE provides comprehensive legal coverage and solution to all your property related requirements. Our trusted panel of experts help us at every step.


Legal Assistance in Sale-Purchase

  • Our legal experts ensure that your interests are fully protected on the legal front, whether you are purchasing or selling your property

  • Legally vetted and thoroughly verified sale-purchase documents


Assistance in Documentation

  • Legal correspondence and issuance of / reply to notices

  • Preparing documents for use in courts, banks, etc.


In addition to the above we also offer the following Legal practices that are necessary to be done in the process.

  • Obtaining property related papers

  • Completion of legal documents

  • Payment of taxes

  • Preparing legal rental agreements

  • Renewal of rental agreements

  • Legal consultation and services

  • Accounting consultation and services

  • Advise in the event of a legal dispute or litigation.

  • Refer property owner to a qualified attorney when necessary.

  • Understand and abide by the latest local, state and federal legislation that apply to renting and maintaining rental properties.

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