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RESE's Renovation & Upgradation Team gives you access to services of trusted/ best designers and architects and complete peace of mind through 12-month warranty on works

Expert designs and quality execution

  • Panel of expert designers and architects providing functional and aesthetic designs

  • Solutions tailored to individual property owner needs using only superior quality materials

  • Best price quotations on bespoke works

Comprehensive monitoring with full assurance on budget and timelines

  • Regular monitoring of works and tracking on online dashboard

  • Assurance of adherence on budget and timelines

  • 12-month warranty on workmanship

  • Provide and oversee an in-house maintenance crew.

  • Establish a preventative maintenance policy to identify and deal with repair needs.

  • Provide a network of trusted & assured vendors who have been vetted for good pricing and good work.

  • Assign jobs to different parties (in-house employees, handyman and professional contractors) based on who will do the best job for the best price.

  • Maintain and monitor a 24 hour emergency repair hot-line

  • Scheduled services like cleaning and servicing of ACs, water tanks, pest-control, etc.

  • On-Demand repair works such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc. as and when reported

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